How to migrate BI Publisher content between servers

In this section, we walk through how to migrate BI Publisher reports between, for example, DEV to a Test environment. Also, I have covered how to copy or move reports and data models between catalog folders.
Version Used: BI Publisher 11g

Understand the BI Publisher Extensions

Below are the BI Publisher file extension names of catalog objects. We are going to see each file when Migrate BI Publisher reports 
Catalog Object
File Extensions
Data Model
Report Folder

Migrate BI Publisher Reports as a bulk

Here are detailed how to migrate the report folder from one environment to another:

1. Login into BI Publisher as BI Administrator. The default URL is http://HOST:PORT/xmlpserver
 2. Click on the Catalog, Select the folder that contains the report you want to migrate, Click on the Download link at the bottom. The reports will be downloaded as a format FOLDER.xdrz. This file will contain all your catalog objects under that folder, ex: report, folder, and data models.

3. Go to the environment where you want to import the BI Publisher reports; Make sure to Select the root folder, Select the Upload link in the bottom, Choose the XDRZ file that you downloaded above step, Toggle on Overwrite Existing File, and Click the button Upload 

4. That’s it. We are done migrating the reports as a bulk. Check the timestamp of the report you migrated and open the reports to verify it migrated correctly

2) Migrate individual report in BI Publisher

Here we are going to download the report between environments. A report requires data model to run, so we need to download report and data model

2.1) Download Report: Go to the catalog folder, select the report you want to download and click the link Download. The report will be downloaded as REPORT.xdoz

2.2) Download Data Model: Select the Data Model, Click the link Download. The file will get downloaded as DATA_MODEL.xdmz

2.3) Upload Data Model: Go to the environment where you want to import reports, click on the upload link, upload the data model file, Toggle on Overwrite Existing File, and click the button Upload

2.3) Like below, upload the Report file XDOZ

2.3) Edit the report

3. How to copy report and data model between folders in BI Publisher
 Here we have detailed how to move report and data model between folders in BI Publisher
 3.1) Select the data models and reports you want to copy, Select the link Copy or Cut

3.2) Select the folder where you want to paste or move, Click the link Paste as shown below. That’s it